Benjamin Campbell: Sketchbooks as an Artist Tool

A sketchbook is one of the best tools an artist can have to explore ideas and create space for art practice. Working in your book is one of the most effective ways of finding space for art in your day-to-day life amidst all the pressures of life and capitalism that can obstruct our art practice. We will explore the practice of using a sketchbook from start to finish, with the goal of creating sustainable and ongoing sketchbook and journal practice. We will discuss tools and prompts that will be useful to artists of any experience level.

Participants will need a notebook, sketchbook, or journal (can use loose paper if necessary). Drawing and writing materials of choice.

Benjamin Campbell is an artist whose drawing and painting practice is built on sketchbook drawing, filling ten or more books a year. Their art is concerned with physicality, sexuality, and mental health through the lenses of rapid automatic and gesture drawing and intense contrasting colors. Intertwined with their art practice, Benjamin teaches free drawing and painting for community members through Brooklyn Parks and Recreation. Benjamin attained a BFA in drawing and painting from the State University of New York at New Paltz and lives and works in Brooklyn.

Register for Free Event on Sunday April 23rd at 2pm CST 

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